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Becoming Your Best Calm, Confident You

Online Psychotherapy in North York, the GTA and throughout Ontario

Woman looking for direction, walking through a labyrinth

Are you tired of your thoughts keeping you awake at night?

Do decisions seem to take forever because you're overthinking?

Are there times when you would just like to take a minute from the hustle of life to catch your breath?

Or, perhaps you're feeling inadequate even though you just got the promotion you wanted. 

I’m here to help.

I work with successful women who want to overcome high-functioning anxiety so they can live calm, self-confident, fulfilled lives,
at home with themselves and others.

Hi, I'm Andrea

My friends used to tease me about wanting "all my ducks in a row”. I didn’t understand what they were referring to. I thought everything was fine and thought being organized was a good thing. Years later, when I went to therapy, I slowly realized that what I thought was super-organization (aka perfectionist tendencies), was really only one aspect of over-functioning anxiety.


After doing some work and some deep reflection in therapy, I discovered what was keeping me stuck and what to do about it. Now, I’m okay if my ducks are a little out of order. I feel happier, less stressed and am able to enjoy life in all its fullness. I want to help you do the same.

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